The sounds associated with a LEGO brick is usually a ‘click’ but some people associate it with buzzing and whirring. President of the University of Lincoln’s computer society explains how a LEGO NXT’s aren’t just for play any more.

Peter explains that NXT Lego kits are not just toys but have a learning use:

“They’re basically LEGO kits aimed at a younger market which help people understand the basics of robotics and can be used in the education.

You can use everyday bits of LEGO with but it is good get some of the pieces designed with the kit. Their like pieces of KINEX. But other parts include sensors and so on to help the kit function.”

Peter also mentioned the robot had many uses and people were always trying to do different things with them.

“There are lots of hobbyists out their trying to do different things with the kits. LEGO do advertise on the box that it can be used as a walking robot, some people used them to make locks but I don’t think they were very secure locks, you can use them as remote controls as well.”

The idea of programming may put you off but Peter explained no real technical experience is needed:

“It’s quite simple to once you get your head around it, but there is a lack of tutorials out there, but you don’t need a programming background to use it.”

If you still have an old box of LEGO hanging around in the attic you can put it to a more productive use. For more information about LEGO NXT check out their website here.

Examples of other configurations:

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