Road Redemption Shooting

Riding a bike at 100mph isn’t an easy task. Riding into on coming traffic? That raises the risk of death. How about both of those and the risk of having your head hit in by a baseball bat? Sound like a challenge. Then say hello to Road Redemption.

Road RedemptionRoad Redemption is a kickstarter campaign to try and capture the fast pace, challenging and heart pounding game play of the Road Rash series. Using todays technology the team behind Road Redemption have been hard at work since as early as 2009 working on the title. They are now asking for support and funding to help make this dream game a finished product. With fast paced racing, in depth combat controls, insane crashes, destructible environments, ragdoll physics, online multiplayer and much more, Road Redemption is a full package.

Road Redemption will feature a wide range of levels, weapons, bikes and so much more. It’s still in the early stages and has a far way to go but even still, it’s looking great. What really stands out here is that the team are not only looking to create the game of their dreams but release it to the ‘open’ platform. Road Redemption ShootingRoad Redemption will have a full source code release a few months after the initial market release and will also be DRM-free and microtransaction free. This just helps to sweeten the deal. The goal is to release Road Redemption onto Windows, Mac and Linux by means of the Unity engine. Oculus Rift support and console ports are also on the table but not final.

Lastly, the team behind the project have a combined experience of 35 years working on projects for Sony, Bioware, EA, Lucasarts and many more.

Road Redemption looks already to be a fantastic game and one that I will be backing for sure. If you want to learn more or back the project yourself check out their kickstarter page.

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