When you need to find data on a topic quickly and don’t want to spend time searching though Google, it might be worth giving a go. is a real-time topic explorer that allows you to pull information in from a wide range of sources. With over 500 reputable sources including mainstream news providers and even regional and localized sources. From news topics to objects, brands, companies and much more. ScoopWeb eliminates the need to visit different online resources one at a time and allows you to get information quickly.

In terms of how useful it really is when using it however, you should take note that it isn’t prefect. In some quick testing of ScoopWeb I found that by looking up n3rdabl3 you would find, well…nothing. However, look for a popular or trending topic such as iPhone or Xbox and your find a lot of information from just about everywhere. This continued across topics such as Chompy Chomp Chomp, Thomas Was Alone and SailFish OS. It’s hit a miss.

There isn’t much else to say about It’s simple, easy to use and though not prefect with it’s results it’s a step in the right direction to help you with finding your data. Here is to hoping that the network of sources continues to grow and continues to grow.

To experience it first hand, head over to now.

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Hello Nikholai, I had a question about a picture posted on scoopweb. How could I get information on a posted picture on the scoopweb images?