gamestickI briefly mentioned the GameStick not too long ago, and it looks as if they’re almost ready to ship the tiny portable console to backers, but the original launch window of April has now been set back to around the 10th of June.

Though it’s bad news for people waiting on the tiny console, it’s fantastic news for PlayJam who only expected to manufacture 1,000 or so units, but in fact received 10,000 or so orders for the Android gaming device, not including orders from brick and mortar stores. Due to the original manufacturing to consist of silicone moulds, the high orders have caused PlayJam to re-think their manufacturing plan which revolves around “much higher-end tooling”.

That’s not all though, due to the high number of orders PlayJam have had to also re-think their delivery plan which was originally to ship consoles by air, but due to the high number and the cost of shipping by air, they’ve now decided to ship, by ship…

[Source: GameStick KickStarter]

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