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Here at n3rdabl3 we just can’t get enough of community funding website Kickstarter, especially the technology category. Browsing the site recently a few projects jumped out, as they usually do, but a product that really caught my eye was Simavision.

The project was set up by Croatian LED specialists and is designed to enhance any TV or monitor, increasing the immersion provided by your home entertainment system.

Simavision Light ShowSimavision is PC-based lighting effect that attaches to the back of a TV or monitor to provide multi-coloured ambient lighting behind the screen being used.

This may not sound too impressive but what really appealed to me was the fact the lights can react to what is happening on the screen, this should result in increased quality and a greater depth of viewing experience.

Imagine watching an action movie in which every explosion extends past the confides of the monitor to envelope the wall behind the home entertainment system, it sounds like an awesome concept.

The inspiration for this product is commendable. The guys over at e-radonica claim to love watching movies and felt HD and 3D experiences were good but they thought there must be one more step to complete viewing immersion.
Simavision DJ
They felt that the best way to create this next step of immersion was to create a product that lit the room to match the images on screen, this is when the concept of Simavision was born.

The concept is a beautifully simple one and the way Simavision works is even simpler. The software that powers the product picks up the colours being displayed on a monitor and tells the LED that are behind the screen to match that colour.

Simavision is not just a product to be used alongside a TV or a monitor, as Simavision is LED based it can be used in a number of different ways, it currently supports three main functions.

Firstly is the ‘capture mode’ detailed above, which matches the colours on screen to light the area around the screen, adding more depth to a viewing experience.

Secondly there is ‘line mode’ which creates a multi-couloured ambient lighting for any situation, place it around any room for a light show or create soft lighting in a room from a discreet source.

Finally there is ‘matrix mode’ which causes Simavision to become a RGB LED matrix, with each LED (or module) representing one pixel. An example of this can be seen in the image of the coffee table, which was a result of the Simavision team building the package into the table.

Simavision Coffee tableDespite the idea stemming from a love of movies and arguably the best example of the product in the trailer above being a scene from an action movie, Simavision isn’t just for the film buff. The concept could work great with gaming, increasing how engrossed a gamer is with their experience.

Currently the project stands on 157 backers, which have pledged almost $15,000 of the required $42,000, with 22 days left until the project expires.

As usual with Kickstarter there are a variety of price plans available, all offering a different experience for a users investment, the prices are pretty reasonable however considering this can add another dimension to a viewing experience.

This looks like a great concept, created by a team that seem passionate about getting the product to market and if they reach their intended goal by May 11 pledgers can expect shipment around August or September. To see the Kickstarter site and take a close look at the project, click here


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