Tekken Card Tournament

I wrote briefly about Tekken Card Tournament and the rather confusing concept behind it; Is this a card game? Or a Tekken fighting game? Or a Top Trumps style game? Well it’s difficult to explain, it’s a little like Pokémon but with fighting moves with a lot of luck thrown in there.

Tekken Card Tournament is a cross platform free-to-play card game that mixes mobile gaming with real world gaming. Based in the world of Tekken, Tekken Card Tournament is pretty much a game of chance in so many aspects of the game. Each player begins with no cards in play. From here you can only do one of the three options available to you which is ‘Focus’ what this option does is draws a card from your deck, it offers no form of protection, nor does it attack the other player. The other two options available are Strike, and Block which are pretty self explanatory.

I’d describe this game as a fancy way of playing Rock, Paper, Scissors with anyone around the world via a mobile device. The three options each have their advantages over the other depending on what goes against what. Each player must take turns deciding what move they make, as I explained you start with no cards in play so both players will ‘Focus’ from the start. From here this is where your luck comes in, you must decide what the other player is going to choose and then guess from there, you could ‘Focus’ again and get another card in play, you could ‘Strike’ which uses the move that’s on the card and issues the hit points on that card to your opponent, or you could ‘Block’ which blocks the attack of the opponents first two cards in play.

tekkencard 2If you choose to ‘Strike’ and the player ‘Blocks’ your move is rendered useless and your card is discarded (which also happens if your Strike is successful), if you choose to ‘Block’ and the player ‘Focuses’ you gain nothing but the opponent gains another card, if you decide to ‘Focus’ again and the player ‘Strikes’ you, you’re dealt the hit points on the opponents card and you loose the card you had in play, but gain another from the ‘Focus’ move.

Ultimately it’s a game of luck with each player trying to knock out the opposing player by wiping out their HP. It’s not actually as drab as it sounds, as I mentioned before it’s set in the Tekken world and with each move the two characters on screen act out each attack, so unlike playing a physical card game based on this concept, you’re also technically playing a Tekken video game but with more turn based moves and no need to remember the complicated button combo’s in order to perform the moves.

Tekken Card TournamentAs with every other free-to-play games there’s in-game currency which can be used to purchase booster packs in order to improve your deck. The currency used to buy booster packs however is the harder to earn freemium currency (Credits) where the player is better off paying for some in order to buy more packs. The lighter form of currency (Gold) is the one you freely earn after each fight, this can be used to purchase individual cards from the market place a user managed area where you can freely sell your own cards or purchase singular high value cards.

Speaking of high value cards, some cards don’t just have fighting moves on them. Much like card games like Magic: The Gathering, and even some Pokémon cards, there are cards with other advantages on them such as “Opp card = 0; +1 card” giving you an extra card if your opponent has none. Other cards however may have a high hit power, but may result in giving your opponent more cards for example a 50 point card may have “Strike: Opp +3 cards” meaning that if you strike using this card, though 50 points will be dealt (unless it’s blocked) your opponent will gain 3 cards.

Tekken Card TournamentHigher powered cards are something I found increasingly popular with the higher levelled players which left me and my base deck at a complete disadvantage when entering a quick match. I’d recommend seeking out a similar levelled opponent in order to have a chance at winning.

There’s also a series of customisation options for your account where you can change your username as well as user picture in order to stand out from the crowd which I think’s pretty cool.

With the online mobile game not being enough NamcoBandai have added in their toy and board game making routes by releasing a physical card game along site the mobile game giving players the chance to take the Tekken Card Tournament beyond the limits of the small screen. It may not have the same effect that the game gives with the lack of Tekken characters taking the moves out on each other but it’s a really nice touch. To make it even better a total of 191 cards are available to collect and each card will feature a unique QR code to let the player instantly add the card to their digital in-game deck merging both the physical booster packs with the mobile game. The physical booster packs should be available in the Summer.

Overall this game is pretty addictive with hundreds of cards to collect digitally and physically it’s certainly a game that anyone familiar with the Tekken series or not can get along with and play a fight or two. It ties the digital and physical world in really well and with such simple game-play the game can easily be played on and off screen. The graphics for this game is also very reminiscent to the early Tekken games on the PlayStation as well as the type of Tekken games you find in classic arcades.

Tekken Card Tournament is available on the:

Google Play Store
iTunes App Store
Amazon App Store

You can also play the game online by visiting http://www.card-tournament.com/tekken.

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