Telltale Games: The Walking Dead

As a The Walking Dead fanboy I was ecstatic when the comics were being made into a TV show and then super ecstatic when said TV show was being adapted into a video game that you can download in episodes!  The entire concept of not having the whole game at once and there being true cliffhangers sold it to me immediately.

Telltale Games: The Walking DeadTelltale Games version of The Walking Dead is set at the exact same time as the comics and TV show and is also in the US state of Georgia.  You play as a man called Lee Everett who is not in the comics or TV show.  You meet and interact with people as the zombie outbreak is happening and you react as you see fit.  Let me make it clear to you now that this is not an action game in the generic sense, you don’t pick up weapons and go bash some zombie’s heads in.  In this game you effectively play the role of a character in a TV series.  You interact with other characters with dialogue and decision making and all of the action sequences are quick time events.  Picture the game Heavy Rain and you’ll know exactly what I’m talking about.  As you talk to characters and tell them things about your life, tell them your opinions, help out, stand up for yourself or them; all of these actions are remembered by the other characters and dictate the direction of the game.  If you and I were to start the game at the same time in separate rooms, play for two days straight, then meet up and compare notes, we’d have very different story lines.  You do meet some of the characters from the comics and TV show; as an example I’ve met Glen and Hershal.

Telltale Games: The Walking DeadI would love to go into great detail about the game and the plot but when you play it you will have a different experience to me.  I also don’t want to spoil anything because the cliffhanger element is too important.  This game is beautiful, the graphic style is really interesting and different to a lot of games out there today, very comic book.  The soundtrack is superb and genuinely quite scary at times.  The play style is innovative and absorbing.  If you’re not careful, (and I wasn’t), you will lose hours of your life seeing if you can save Lee’s.

Buy this game.  Play this game.  Tell your friends.  Compare notes afterwards.  It’s incredible.

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