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The Blocks Cometh from Halfbot Games is a brand new endless climbing game which in all honesty every iPhone owner should have, it’s terribly addictive and incredibly satisfying. This brand new games was released 6th April so is still really new and by golly is it fun!

The Blocks Cometh TitleYou start the game as Blockman and your objective is to escape the world which is falling apart around him, little does Blockman know that the climb is endless, resistance is futile. Moohahaha-sorry. Using the falling debris of Blockmans world jump to safety, higher and higher. The only objective? Don’t let the bottom of the screen catch you. Blocks will vary in size and where they fall is anyones guess, many a time I’ve been trapped between two large square blocks and before getting out a flat panel has cleverly fell over the escape route. It was very Indiana Jones like.

Blockman can double jump making hard to reach places just that little bit easier, especially if you don’t think you’re going to make it. Our hero is also equipped with a gun, well more like a laser gun, that can destroy blocks that could hinder your ascend. But again be careful what blocks you destroy and what blocks could come down on top of you. And yes, before you ask, that has happened to me.

The Blocks Cometh In-GameThe game features many characters which all have there own skills making some faster than others or able to jump higher but without the double jump. In total there are 14 characters to choose from, which for a little game like this, is a lot! The wholes set up of this game is addictive, the simpleness of it all is it’s winning quality and everything else just glues it together to be a great little game. There is funky music whilst playing and the graphics both of the main ‘play area’ and the characters are perfectly captured and as an added bonus the background has rockets leaving the planet and other goings on. It’s all just very well put together!

Price wise, at the moment the game is free so my best advice is grab it whilst you can. Trust me when I say you do not want to pass up this opportunity. You can grab this game by following the link – The Blocks Cometh. Sadly though the game is an iOS only title. Sorry everyone else.

If you are clever enough to download The Blocks Cometh, let me know what you think of it in the comments below.

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