eveleaks HTC FirstRumours have been circulating on an apparent Facebook based Android handset after press invites were sent out to come see Facebook’s “New Home on Android” which is set to take place Tomorrow at 10:00 am Pacific Time in Menlo Park, California. Since then apparent leaked images of a HTC handset called the ‘First’ have surfaced which have surfaced rumours of an Android phone that’s tied deeply into the Facebook Framework.

There was first an image of a singular black phone leaked by evleaks with a second image leaked a few hours later displaying a white, red, and blue variants of the device. Some specs have been leaked too with the HTC First being host to a 4.3-inch 720p HD display and a dual-core Snapdragon processor. In terms of camera specs we’re looking at a 5MP rear camera and what looks like a front facing camera most likely around the 2MP mark, the device will also run Android 4.1 Jelly Bean.

Facebook are planning on launching their “New Home on Android” tomorrow, so we’ll keep you posted as and when more details are released.


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