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The Indie FixWelcome to The Indie Fix, a weekly column in which we showcase the latest and greatest in Indie games, or titles which we feel, may have slipped under the radar. This week, we’re taking a look at the stylish action fighting game, Archeblade.

With a growing number of free-to-play ‘moba’ styled games hitting the market, following the success of Dota and League of legends, it puts a smile on my face to find one that stands out. Archeblade is the latest game that takes the team based, multiplayer gameplay and flip it on it’s head. Offering a third-person fighting game experience, within the moba style of things, can developer CodeBrush Games pull it off?

Jumping into Archeblade is something you don’t want to do. This isn’t your normal moba styled game. There isn’t an action bar, minions or the like. Archeblade is a true thrid-person fighter. It’s with that said that you should make sure to hit up the training sessions before a real match. In regards to the style of a fighting each of the games characters have very different attacks, powers and even controls. Fans of series such as Street Fighter, Tekken and even Soulcalibur will feel comfortable with this and those new to this gameplay style will find it easy to pick it up.

Archeblade1 It’s here that I feel Archeblade is at its strongest. Players of all skill levels can pick up the game and very quickly understand what to be done. The controls have been designed in a way that it complements your characters skill set. From Elika, the dark elf arcane-bullet magician with fast paced and deadly close ranged gun attacks. To Renny, an undead fighter who has control over elements. Even to a Dan, a huge warrior of a giant tribe who rushes into battle with a huge, deadly blade. Each of the ten available champions, with more being released soon, are unique and deadly in their own ways. The nature in which you play them really help to make Archeblade matches fun and challenging. All champions are equal, you just need to know how to handle them.

Battles are always different as you move across a range of levels offering 3v3 team deathmatch, 7v7 control point type matches and even free-for-all matches. There is something for everyone in the current release of Archeblade and developer CodeBrush Games have promised more to come. The game is free-to-play on steam with the option to purchase permanent champions and skins, as with other moba’s, but the standard pack gives you what you need.

During games of Archeblade I found myself always on the move and keeping my champion ready and able to preform a skill move. Though most of the time I would be attacked from far away and find I had little health for the close up fight. The game features blocking and counter attacks but during my time I was never really able to pull these off successfully. That isn’t a fault of the game but rather my poor understanding of fighting games. I found myself more comfortable at range, or using Elika with her gun magic and fast moving attacks. What I did learn quickly was that speed was important. Sure, the bigger champions have more health but normally will take a bit longer to strike you. It’s all down to the skill you have with your champion and how you use that in battle.

Archblade2Archeblade isn’t all good though. Technically, it is. I didn’t find any bugs or crashes during my time with it. Visually it’s beautiful and really stands out with some epic supporting music and sound design. What I found lacking in Archeblade was in fact match making. I was always being put with people much higher skilled than me who clearly had spent more time with the game then I did. It didn’t put me off playing though but the number of deaths I would get in a single match was annoying. Still, the overall experience of Archeblade was an enjoyable one.

Developer CodeBrush Games have worked hard to put out a game that breaks the traditional style of moba games. With strong fighting gameplay and a stunning visual style, there really isn’t much to fault. Sure it takes time to get to grips and the match making is questionable but none of this ruins Archeblade overall.

If your looking for a fun, fast paced action-fighting game. Then make sure you check out Archeblade now, available on Steam.

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