Welcome back to the Indie Fix, a weekly column in which we spotlight the latest and greatest in Indie gaming, as well as titles which we feel deserve the attention! This week we’re taking a look at the nostalgia filled, Evoland!

evoland-logoEvery now and then I receive something in my email that just utterly blows me away. As soon as I read the words “The story of action adventure gaming…” I was sold. If you’re a fan of anything ranging from The Legend of Zelda to Pokemon to Final Fantasy and even to Suikoden, you will adore Evoland.

Evoland starts with you, the hero, in a plainly designed 8-bit grassy area, much like the original Legend of Zelda and Pokemon games. As you progress through this area, you find chests which upon opening, evolve the game. This is where the game shines. Not only are you playing through a clearly designed action adventure story, but you see the game evolve into the designs of the 80’s, 90’s and to present day.Evoland screen

Opening chests will reward you with, in-game music, 16-bit graphics, different loading screens, companions, lavishly hand crafted graphics, turn-based gameplay harkening back to classic Final Fantasy days, all the way to hack and slash dungeon crawling, paying a homage to the likes of Diablo. It’s all there, Evoland has done a great job of covering the history of this stellar genre of games.

Not only does it cover the genre’s colourful history, but it provides an entertaining story. You play as the hero, who is entrusted with destroying a great evil which has consumed the land of Evolandia.

It is a game which if you’re a fan of some of the incredible RPG, JRG and Adventure game series that are out there, you’ll notice what Evoland has done which pays tribute to these titles and the genre. Evoland will take you from 8-bit graphics, to the hand crafted backgrounds and 3D characters of the Final Fantasy days, all the way to fully fledged 3D which we know and love today in the likes of Diablo 3 and the most recent Torchlight 2.

Evoland is available on Steam now, for the incredibly cheap price of £7.99!


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