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Welcome back to The Indie Fix a weekly column in which we spotlight the latest and greatest Indie games, and titles, which we feel, deserve the attention. This week, we’re taking a look a the new grand strategy title from Paradox Interactive, March of the Eagles.

MarchoftheEagles_logo1Set during the Napoleonic Wars, the game allows you to take control of various major European powers at the time. Like most Paradox strategy titles, you’ll be making decisions based around the armed forces, production and diplomacy.

From a glance it looks like a Europa Universalis spin-off. But in-fact the game lacks much of the depth and strategy in which the latter has. But what it does focus on brings much entertainment. I’m not normally one which plays a lot of strategy games, I’m a fan of the Civilisation series but even so that game is more relaxation material than it is hardcore gaming.

March of the Eagles focuses on conquering, combat with a little bit of production and diplomacy on the side. The new approach to the combat offers the newcomer to this genre the edge, with animated arrows and commentary communicating the flow of the battle excellently. 00_march_of_the_eagles_new_screenshot_02

The campaigns are particularly short, 15 years to be precise. Provinces are chosen by nations choices, but there is a form of criticality and pace which separates it from other Paradox titles. Diplomacy and territory improvement is in there, but the aggro approach to the game will find you with little time to worry about this. Instead you’ll be spending most of it worrying about who to recruit and invade next, which is greatly suited to the multiplayer modes.

March of the Eagles is a great new entry in Paradox’s library and also a good newcomer entry in the grand strategy genre. The new approach to combat gives it more accessibility than its counterparts, offering up a particularly fast paced strategy title.

March of the Eagles is available now through Steam.

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