The Last of Us

Last night during the finale of AMC’s The Walking Dead a trailer for the upcoming PlayStation game The Last of Us debuted and shows just how Joel and Ellis came to be and how they’re set upon the task of smuggling something out of the military guarded, quarantined city. With a bunch of in-game cinematics the trailer also contains some more gameplay footage and plays out like a really good movie trailer.

The above clip is the full version of the various 30 second TV spots, with the full ‘red band’ version being available to watch on within the game’s pre-order page. The video soon became available on YouTube.

So what are your thoughts on The Last of Us? It looks pretty great right?

Here’s a question, those of you like me who play the Xbox 360, do games like this wish you had both consoles? Or are you happy to miss out on incredible looking titles such as this?

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[Source: Polygon,, YouTube]

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