So it’s time to continue who I think should be the next Robin after the unfortunate demise of Damian Wayne.

In my opinion for this next Robin (which will come because I believe in the idea that every Batman needs a Robin) needs to be a mould breaker, someone with super powers and is something we’ve never seen before.

So here are my four best candidates of four obscure powered teens forgotten in the New 52 reboot.

Miss Martian: Miss Martian is the teen cousin of the Martian Manhunter. Her powers include super strength, flight, shape shifting, as well as telepathic and kinetic abilities. She has personality of naive shyness, but when pushed she has a mean streak. I streak I think the Dark Knight could hardness and turn into a great power. Also shape shifting would be great for fighting the goons of Gotham, she could go into deep cover and easily confuse bad guys.

Supergirl: The current iteration of Supergirl is a confused lonely soul, struggling to fit in on Earth, oh and she has the power set of a Dragon Ball Z character. Prior the New 52 Batman and Supergirl cultivated a healthy relationship. Though now Batman has a position to fill and he does have a knack of taking in broken lonely individuals and giving them the chance of a better life. Plus a superman level character could really come in handy in Gotham.

Aqualad: Prior to The New 52 two character held the mantle of Aquaman’s sidekick. Garth and Jackson Hyde, but to throw another into the mix I think the Aqualad from the Young Justice cartoon Kaldur’ahm. In my opinion all three would make a good place for Robin, especially since Aqualads been shelved in the New 52 and the fact Aquaman is the new cool character in the DC universe why not give the sidekick a chance ?

Wally West: Wally is the first of the Kid Flashes but since the New 52 came across Wally seems to have gone missing. To make things a little sadder he died in the finale of Young Justice. So maybe Wally like Aquaman and Animalman deserves a bit the 52 magic to sprinkled over him.

So those are my choices at who could be the next Robin. Do you think I’m wrong, right or missed someone else ? Why not get in touch and tell me ?

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