‘Danger on the Korean Peninsula’, ‘nuclear war immanent’, ‘be ready for war’. These are just a few examples of headlines that have been at the forefront of recent news as tensions between North and South Korea continue to grow to an all time high. The world is in a state of panic as politicians and diplomats clamber together to search for a solution. All we, the public, can do, is sit and wait. Despite the potential lack of interest you may have on the politics, the whole drama of near thermo-nuclear war has got me thinking, how will this influence the future of video games?nkf

It seems that whenever a particular argument arises within the world, the country that doesn’t agree with America is always cast as the general antagonist of an FPS. The whole malarkey with Iran, meant that they’d feature as the main bad guys in Battlefield 3. The history of the Cold War has lead to the majority of modern shooters featuring Russia or China as the lead villains. And of course we can’t forget the World War 2 shooters, in which you usually battle the German or Japanese army.cod5

So could this sticky situation with North Korea make them the next big punch bag? We’ve already seen the likes of Homefront have the short tempered commies as the bullet magnets, but that was a few years ago. Could a new Call of  Duty, or Battlefield or any game of any genre throw them into the fray that we’ve known to love?

Even films today have started to feature them heavily. For those of you who’ve had the pleasure of seeing G.I. Joe: Retaliation, you can’t help but notice some of the tongue in cheek jokes at North Korea’s expense. And the newly released Olympus Has Fallen depicts North Korean terrorists taking over the White House and capture the president. Now this may simply be down to reputation, but you can’t help but see some sort of coincidence occurring there. Perhaps the influence of modern cinema could affect our game developers into casting North Korea in some kind of villain role.

Battlefield-3-screenshots-SniperOr perhaps it could simply be down to some sort of way of keeping the war time shooters alive and fresh. For too long we’ve fought back the Russians, and it’d make perfect sense why games would drift into the direct of that area of geography. We’ve never seen a game that goes inside of North Korea, maybe it’s due to fear, and maybe it’s because the country is so unpredictable with these sorts of topics, how would they react to be virtually shot at? My guess is not well.But it’d be absolutely fascinating to see an artists idea of the kind of environments North Korea could present to us, because they’d unlikely be granted access to have a look at details. There are so many avenues game developers could go down in order to reincarnate the generic first person shooter. I say give it a try to all game developers, you could hit on to the next big thing, that’s not only entertaining for players, but also current in today’s world. We as gamers love immersion, and playing a game based on something that’s happening out side at the same time is bound to immerse us till the cows come home.

What do you think of this business with North Korea? Got any ideas on potential games you think would work featuring North Korea? Leave comments and suggestions below!

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