robot avengers
Superheroes are just one cog of the superhero machine

Superheroes can be robots. But what if one day all robot kind had to band together to face a threat like no other? Or what if one day the Avengers were off world and someone needed to take their place?

Well, here’s my little dream team for this scenario:

Optimus Prime: The Captain America of the team obviously. A natural built leader and competent fighter. Optimus is used to commanding robots of all different walks of life. He also has the paint job which is similar to Cap’s meaning he could be a temporary sign for hope.

Mecha (or Metal) Sonic: Taking some inspiration from the Justice League I think this team needs a Flash. Optimus is huge and sometimes he may need someone to get into small places or move quicker then the average sized robot. Cue Mecha Sonic, The Avengers is about redemption (Black Widow used to be a bad guy) so may this is Mecha Sonic’s chance?

Power Rangers Turbo Rescue Megazord: The Power Rangers Turbo franchise was ill fated. Its Japanese counterpart was a parody of the long running Japanese superhero show Super Sentai. It also didn’t far well as it said goodbye to long time cast members as well. The second Megazord featured in the show comprised of rescue vehicles which could individually turn into mechas. Maybe this could be a form of transport for the team and a chance for the well designed Megazord to be appreciated?

Android 18: Android 18 was a badass. Every team needs one. From the Avengers to the Care Bears. 18 is a competent fighter and could even borrow Videls superhero guise the Great Saiyawoman if she found it to be embarrassing. She could also be straight talking member of the group and could benefit from being around other robots to learn further compassion (if that makes sense)

Lieutenant Commander Data: Fresh the USS Enterprise Data could be the brains of the operation. Renowned for a hyper detailed ability to analyse Data could provide on the ground support and logistics. Also if the issue ever arose he could help pilot a starship if needs be.

Like watching Batman and Robin, putting this list together has been tough. A lot of people didn’t make the cut. So if you think I’ve missed any get in touch and tell me why!

robot avengers

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