Runescape 3

Runescape 3 was announced a few days ago which is set to include an entire overhaul on the graphics and audio of the game shifting it from Java to an entirely new HTML5 and WebGL system. The game will remain primarily the same, but you’re up for a totally new experience visually.

Jagex announced yesterday on their site that “We want you to be involved from the start, so we’re launching a beta programme to give you a preview of two of its main components and gather your feedback before the main release.” the initial registration for the Runescape 3 Beta will be open on April 3rd to Runescape Members only which will be open until the 10th.

First on the 17th of April they will running a beta of the new HTML5 client on existing servers which not only gives members a chance to experience the new system, but continue to earn XP as they would on the public game. A week later (the 24th April) they’ll release the alpha version of the all-new, customisable interface system which will be hosted on dedicated servers so XP earned wont be going to your account – that’s not to say you shouldn’t check it out though right?

It’s a shame that the beta is only open to paying members, but from at least £4.95 you’ll get access to this awesome beta before any one else!

More news on Runescape 3 can be found on n3rdabl3 as and when it happens so stay tuned!

[Source: Official Announcement via Massively]

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