Witness The Power of the Bear

The final part to Ubisoft’s epic tale of an alternate history has come to an awesome conclusion, or at least I think it’s awesome! Each episode has had it’s strong points and it’s not so strong points and as you can imagine, it’s had fans and critics alike. But it has come to an end now, The Redemption has been complete.

If you are playing catch-up why not check out The Infamy and The Betrayal before reading on.

The third and final episode sees you, Ratonhnhaké:ton pick up from where episode two ended. On board the Aquila with Benjamin Franklin, Robert Faulkner and Kanen’tó:kon with King Washington’s Pyramid taking up the horizon of New York. Whilst on board the Aquila you are attacked by the Kings fleet, fighting hard to make your way through the barricade but to no avail. Ratonhnhaké:ton demands that all on board jump ship and meet again on the shores of New York, Ratonhnhaké:ton single handily sails the Aquila into the Kings largest ship leaving the bay full of wrecks, including the faithful Aquila. Whilst on board the ship, before all of the commotion erupts a conversation between Faulkner and Ratonhnhaké:ton takes place concerning a certain seafaring grandfather.

TTOKW Might of the Bear“I forgot how a good sea battle can get my blood flowing! Sail around attacking ships. That’s the life” – Faulkner

“I know that feeling. It seems to run in my family.” – Ratonhnhaké:ton

“Your father was a seafarer then?” – Faulkner

“My Grandfather, Edward. He sailed with a rough crew, or so I am told.” – Ratonhnhaké:ton

“For the King?” – Faulkner

“For himself. But that is a long tale for another day, Mister Faulkner” – Ratonhnhaké:ton

It’s the small thing like this that make the Assassin’s Creed franchise great. And this particular thing is done in a subtle way, you would almost miss it if you didn’t pay attention.

Back to The Redemption, when Benjamin Franklin reaches dry land he must hide from patrolling Blue Coats but stumbles into the not so happy King Washington. As Washington is about to strike him down with the power of the Apple, Kanen’tó:kon comes from no where and knocks him off his horse, as the unlikely warrior is about to end the King once and for all he is stabbed by a Blue Coat guard, a fight breaks out and Kanen’tó:kon dispatches of the guard he stabs him easily and swiftly and then throws(!!) his tomahawk at another planting it directly in his skull. As he retrieves his weapon a cowering King commands other Blue Coats to kill Kanen’tó:kon. He is hit, he is hurt but he still powers on towards the fallen King, with no strength left and about to end the madness once more, Kanen’tó:kon is killed with another round of musket fire. Another death within The Tyranny of King Washington, this time another that Ratonhnhaké:ton has already had to say goodbye to before.

TTOKW PyramidUpon meeting with Benjamin Franklin and being told of his friends bravery and courage, Ratonhnhaké:ton decides that the spirit animals hold the key to winning this revolution. Ratonhnhaké:ton passes out and so the spirit journey begins. This time a giant bear must be climbed and the spears that have pierced it’s pelt must be removed. Once all spears are removed, you are given the power of the bear. Able to pound the ground and disperse of enemies around you or attack unsuspecting tyrants from above and rip them apart like the mighty bear, I think this might of been my favourite spirit animal power yet. This power does have it’s drawbacks though, because of the ground pound feature when using it on the streets of New York nine times out of ten you are going to get the warning ‘your ancestors did not kill civilians or household animals’. This really can’t be helped, as the streets are littered with Blue Coats.

Fast forward to the missions and you meet a young Thomas Jefferson, leading the revolution against King Washington. He is trapped in the courtyard of the Pyramid and you must help him, and his men escape. By using your new found bear powers you must destroy the entrances to which the reinforcement Blue Coats are coming from. Once this is done you must tear down the gate and allow Jefferson and his men to escape, before leaving Jefferson tells Ratonhnhaké:ton that they will meet again and that he will be an asset to the fight for freedom. Jefferson’s missions are mainly based on helping the people of New York break from the metaphorical chains of the King, through feeding the hungry, Jefferson and Ratonhnhaké:ton gain popularity in their cause.

My personal favourite mission of this episode had to be the one where you are tasked with creating Civil Unrest. There are many ways to do so and each one fills a meter in which the people trust you over the King. From using your Rope Dart to hang Blue Coats in the street, beating up preachers to tell the people the truth of the King and to escorting rebel soldiers to safe locations there is a lot to do over a wide area of the Map. Once civil unrest is truly achieved a cut scene depicting the King addressing his people from the balcony of his Pyramid ensues, assuring the people that he is in control and that once masses of armies are established and huge armadas are built they will attack Great Britain! The mad King must be stopped!

The next step is entering the Pyramid and finding Washington, once in the entrance hall you must use Ratonhnhaké:ton’s investigative skills to work out a way to get deeper into the stone fortress. Using Eagle Vision, Ratonhnhaké:ton pieces together a way in, using his mothers escape route. It appears that she was within seconds of escaping with the scepter TTOKW King Washingtonput her plan was foiled by Putnam and a musket. Upon entering the huge expansive throne room using a combination of spirit animal powers and Ratonhnhaké:ton’s free-running skill you climb to the top of the Pyramid to reach the rooftop where King Washington waits. What I thoroughly enjoyed about the inside of the Pyramid was that you could feel how big it was and reminded me a lot of previous Assassin’s Creed games with Ezio where you had to climb to secluded rooms in large cathedrals, it was very nice to see Ubisoft do that sort of large climbing task again as they capture the size very well.

Once on the roof a fight breaks out between The Warrior and The King. One with the power of the Apple, the other with the power of the Animal Spirits. Using all three powers you must continually attack Washington whilst avoiding orbs of energy that surround and protect him and blasts of power surges from the scepter. Disguise yourself like a wolf and swoop into action like an eagle, slowly but surely whittling down Washington. Eventually you are prompted to destroy sections of the stain glass floor you fight upon and doing so will cause the glass to shatter. Before the King can strike, Ratonhnhaké:ton swoops and knocks Washington and himself off the roof and hurtling down toward the throne room floor beneath. Dazed and confused, Ratonhnhaké:ton heads towards the Apple that sits in the lap of a now knocked out King Washington. Upon touching it, whilst it is still being touched by Washington a blast of light is emitted and brings you back to the United States that history knows. Both men have seen the same thing, both men unsure of the other. Commander Washington gives the Apple to Connor and tells him to drop it into the deepest part of the ocean.

I have thoroughly enjoyed The Tyranny of King Washington and the way it has been produced is second to none! Ubisoft have truly, in my eyes out done themselves in regards to DLC. It was a bold task to take on and it was carried out and completed really well. Others have not enjoyed it so much, but everyone is entitled to their opinion. And who’s opinion I would like to hear about is you, the reader. So in the comments below tell me what you thought of The Tyranny of King Washington, was it hit or miss for you? Were there certain parts that impressed you? Anything and everything you can think of, I want to know!

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