Thomas Was Alone

As Sony continues it’s push to bring indie games to the console masses, hit title Thomas Was Alone is set for a PS3 and Vita release on 24th April. Developer Mike Bithell along with Curve Studios have worked to bring the title to the PS3 and 119792013-03-19-162808Vita in full glory.

Thomas Was Alone will hit the PSN store on April 24th for PS3 and Vita using cross-buy. This means that a one off purchase will give you the game across both consoles. Additionally, you’ll find cloud sync, leader boards, creator commentary and much more in this release. Reworked to run at 1080p at 60 frames a second, Thomas has never looked this good. Talking to Mike Bithell on Friday at Curve Studios office’s in London, he expressed how excited he was for the release on PSN. The Vita version of Thomas will also include touch controls for switching characters.

A further addition to the PSN release of Thomas Was Alone is the release of the ‘Benjamin’s Flight’ DLC (sold separately) which can be seen in the above trailer. This 20 level story follows Benjamin and his fathers ‘jetpack’. This brings a whole new experience to the gameplay and really allows players to get a further understanding of the story. Including new music, new levels and much more. The release of the DLC will be a time-exclusive on PSN and will hit PC in the coming weeks.

As we continue our playthorugh of Thomas Was Alone on PS3 ahead of our review in the coming days. Make sure to put the money aside to pick up this beautiful indie hit on PS3 and Vita, later this week.

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