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Everyone who owns a Nintendo console loves the F-Zero franchise and the question fans have been asking recently is, where is the new F-Zero? This particular game on the Gamecube is great fun and this is coming from a person who isn’t a massive fan of the racing genre.

If you haven’t played F-Zero (where have you been) and don’t know what it is I’ll give you a basic explanation. F-Zero is a racing game, but it’s not your standard fair when it comes to the genre, its set in the future and these cars can hit speeds over 1000 Kmh. This game is not for the light hearted because you need to be completely focused when you are playing this game because of the speed of cars and you don’t know when the next sharp corner is going to come out and surprise you.

F zero 2So lets talk about the gameplay of this game, how does it handle? For a game that was released back in 2004 it handles really well and feels like it was made yesterday. For example when you want to turn a really sharp corner, the left thumb stick alone wasn’t going to help so you use the L or R button to give you that extra edge. If you didn’t feel like over taking some you could do a spin attack to eliminate them from the race.  One of the greatest features in this game was the fact that you could customise your own F-Zero racer and you could make them any shape and form, are you a racer that likes to take out every opponent out on the track, you can do that by building a heavy machine. Do you prefer acceleration to brute force, you can build a small racer. My only problem with this customisation is that you can’t make your own pilot, but this was 2004 and customising things in games was a bit of a rarity on consoles. The graphics and presentation for this game are awesome because the frame rate being at 60 fps which was also hard to get in 2004, the only games that had 60 frames were fighting games and racing games to my knowledge. These graphics are brilliant for this console generation considering there is so much going on the screen, there is so much detail on each unique track. For example you could be on a track underwater to being on a track in the middle of the forest.

If you have a Wii try and find this game and play it, it is one of the best Gamecube games and one of my all-time favourite games, and Nintendo if you are reading this make another F-Zero game please!

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