todoistI have a habit of jumping around from application to application. It’s just something that happens with the every growing library productivity tools on the market. With that said I have spent the last few weeks working with Todoist, the to-do application with Karma. From desktop use to running it on my Android devices. How did Todoist do?

Developed by Doist, on the surface Todoist is a simple, powerful and in some sense beautiful tool that has hit the productivity application market with one goal. To rise to the top. With the standard set of functions present in Todoist it offers the users a fantastic way to organize their lives. Create projects, lists, tasks, sub tasks and much more all within a easy to use interface. The desktop application allows for great full screen support and keyboard shortcuts to improve use. The mobile app for Todoist continues to the design style to ensure that even on a small screen, you can still work quickly. On of the nicer features was in fact the ‘overdue’ side of things. This plays a key part in Todoist main unique feature and that is it’s Karma.

Todoist has a system that allows it to track your productivity and give you visual feedback. It’s dubbed ‘Karma’ and is really a stunning feature. It’s easy to understand how the Karma system works as well. Put simply, as you complete tasks and keep being productive the more your Karma will go up. Start to leave tasks to get overdue and the Karma rating will start to drop. It’s a small feature that sits in the top right of the application but it doesn’t stand out in your face. Karma encourages you to tackle your work ethic and improve your overall productivity. This is something that really stands out and makes Todoist a very successful product.

Todoist ScreenshotTake note however that many of the features that allow you to make the most of Todoist are within Todoist Premium. Now don’t get me wrong, the free version does just fine and allows you to do what you need to. The premium version however offers some useful features that help improve your productivity. From reminders to labels and even notes and file attachments. The premium features really do make Todoist. The cost is $29 for a year of premium which to be fair is a fine price.

Todoist is a fine application for productivity. From it’s desktop and web client. Across to the mobile apps. It’s a solid and effective experience which has helped improved my productivity and is sure to do the same for you. Todoist is by far one of the best applications I’ve ever used and I can safely say I will be continuing to use it for much time. I strongly recommend it and, if you can, make sure to get premium.

To learn more about Todoist head over to their website.

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