Twitter Music App

Twitter Music App

Rumours of a Twitter music service have been rife around the internet for a while now and were sent into overdrive this month when music service announced that the its service had been acquired by Twitter, closing the We Are Hunted domain and starting up

Currently the service, and exactly what it will offer, is shrouded in mystery. Currently signing into the site requires users to authorize ‘Twitter #music web’ to access their account and then nothing really follows.

It seems to be that something is happening Friday, what it is exactly is still unclear but many sites believe that the app will be accessible to all users at the end of the week. This was out into doubt by Twitter executives, who were quoted by the Telegraph as saying ‘we’re not yet ready to talk about it’. Silence on the topic may be a marketing ploy however as hearsay and rumour can be a powerful thing.

If it is to be understood that the We Are Hunted service is to be repackaged and presented alongside Twitter then users can expect a service that scans the web to find the hottest, and most discussed, music around.

Before it closed down the site provided a stream of new music to users, which they could browse and explore through a tile-based interface.

Studying what the site is best known for sheds some light on why Twitter made the purchase, it seems like a concept that would fit in with Twitter perfectly as We Are Hunted presented emerging music charts. This constantly updating list highlighted the best new songs from around the world, as measured by how popular they were on the blogosphere and social media sites.

This feature sounds almost like Twitter trends for music, it organises the songs most people are talking about and presents them in a variety of charts.

Other reports claim that will integrate other music services, such as Vevo and Soundcloud, to allow users to watch music videos and listen to clips from these established online music providers.

Twitter seemed to have signed up some a-list beta testers with the likes of Wiz Khalifa and MTV’s Ryan Seacrest putting out positive messages on Twitter about the product. This has been a clever marketing  ploy, releasing early access to celebrities who have the large sections of the internet talking about the service after they passed their judgement.

What is for certain is that Twitter’s music app will stream music online, which means it will be vying for customers from popular music provider Spotify, who’s integration with Facebook means this mixture of social networking with music has already been established and will be something Twitter will try to rival. Another competitor may also be on the market soon as rumours are increasing that Apple will be releasing a service that will work alongside iTunes that will provide some form of music streaming.

Where Twitter hopes to discern itself from this competition in is in the make up of users of their site, a longstanding selling point of Twitter is that it connects celebrities, especially musicians, with their fans and if Twitter can place this connectivity between producer (musicians), product (their music) and consumer (fans) at the forefront of their service they may be onto a winner.

Apparently the music site will standalone, separate from the main Twitter website, however it wouldn’t be at all surprising if some form of widget appeared on the main site to link directly to the #music app, which will undoubtedly put the social networking side of its main site at its core.

As always I’d love to know what you all think of these developments in the comments below, is this Twitter music service something you’ve been looking forward to for a while or are there die hard Spotify users out there that will steer clear of Twitter’s attempt to dislodged Spotify and Facebook’s hold on the social networking music scene?


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