twitterTwitter seems to be go-to place for ‘hackers’ to take control of certain Twitter accounts in order to cause chaos. I’ve seen more harmless ‘take-overs’ such as Burger King’s Twitter overtaken and rebranded to McDonalds, and I’ve also seen the complete opposite with Associated Press’ twitter account being hacked recently and a tweet was sent out saying that there was an explosion at the White House and the US President was injured.

Though Twitter ‘hacking’ can be fairly harmless the microblogging service seems to have had enough of trouble makers making a mockery of their platform and are reportedly working on a two-factor authentication system to prevent such people hacking popular accounts.

Some examples of two-step authentication can be found on Steam for example. When you try to login to your account from a new computer, or a freinds computer, or even a smartphone it doesn’t recognised a code is sent to your email address which you are required to enter if you want to gain access.

This sort of authentication should be able to prevent hackers from gaining access to your account making Twitter a much safer place from malicious Tweets or McDonalds take-overs..

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