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Cast your mind back to January, the beloved people at Twitter recently purchased a fairly new app called Vine. A short video sharing app that has taken the world by storm! It has recently come to light that Vine has reached number one in the US chart for Free Apps on iTunes. Rather a big achievement!

The little app has cracked America, in no less than 6 months of being bought by Twitter, and I bet the bosses at Twitter are feeling rather good about their purchase. On my recent visit to the states I was shocked to actually see first hand how many people were using the mini video sharing app, Whilst I expected the usual amount of Instagram snaps being uploaded I seen Vine app logomore people taking short 6 second clips and sharing it with Vine. In all honesty I felt like a bit of a looser for using Instagram, like people were thinking ‘what is that idiot doing, who even shares pictures anymore?’. I may be slightly over thinking that though.

It isn’t far from the truth though, people were choosing video clips over filtered pics.

Vine here in the UK has not had the same success, sitting at number 87 on our own chart. Who know why that is, maybe our American Cousins just prefer video over photos.

If you do have Vine, no matter what county you’re from tell me what you think in the comments below!

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