n3rdabl3 1st Birthday

I’m probably more surprised than you are that this has gotten this far, but today marks the one-year anniversary of n3rdabl3!

From my own personal tech blog to a full blown website n3rdbal3 has come a long way. I’ve experienced so much and have learned a whole bunch of things too and I don’t think I could have made it this far without the help of everyone I’ve met along the way and all of the guys that I hope are proud to be members of the n3rdabl3 team.

n3rdabl3 1So April 6th 2012 I decided to start a blog on blogspot, nothing too serious more just my own opinions on technology and Android apps. I wanted to make something of the blog, but I wasn’t sure how I had already purchased our URL so that was my first step, but it wasn’t until I learned from joining another gaming website (http://www.games-tec.com) that you could have multiple people writing for one website using WordPress. At first I looked into the WordPress.com websites but I soon realised that it was just the bare bones and hardly offered what I wanted for a full blown website.

This is when LCN.com picked up my review of their service and wanted to use a quote on their site, in return they were happy to give my existing basic hosting a boost by upgrading it to the hosting needed for WordPress installations. From here this is where I took the leap from Blogger to my own self hosted WordPress site, something I was a little nervous about as I wasn’t too comfortable with coding, and I was essentially going in on my own.

n3rdabl3 2From there a few things happened, I decided to open up my site to writers as well as changing the layout several times due to suggestions and improvements and I started to get my first taste of recognition from the gaming and technology industry and it’s all just gone up from there. We’ve been to Eurogamer, experienced two different iPhone launches, several different Samsung launches, two different Android operating systems, several different companies closing, two Assassin’s Creed’s, Facebook acquiring Instagram.. the list is endless.

Now as I mentioned before I couldn’t have done this without a few people along the way, so here’s where I get a little soppy and thank a bunch of people;

n3rdabl3 3I’d like to thank; All of our writers; Chris Mayer, Ollie Colton, George Dimmock, Mike Black, Ben Staff, Stuart Bland, Nikholai Koolonavich, Anthony Lowrey, James Read, Sam Coles, Josh Francis, Jess Wilson, and André Santo’s. I’d also like to thank these guys for their continued support; All the guys over at Nizulo, Oliver Whysall, James Harding, Skylar Wolphe, Andre Weier, Novastarr Nelson, Kyle Gillespie, Emily Diment, and Chris Walton. And finally; Activision, EA Games, SEGA, NamcoBandai, Reverb Publishing, Orange Pixel, Nalin Design, Square Enix, Ubisoft, BlackBerry, Phones4U, Codemasters, Sony, THQ, and Konami.

Most of all I couldn’t have done it without the support from my wife who also baked the amazing cake you see above!

So enough of the soppy stuff it’s our Birthday! With huge thank’s to you the reader from us at n3rdabl3:


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