whatsappNews has been floating around over the past few days with talk of Google acquiring the popular messaging app, WhatsApp for a sweet $1 billion according to an inside source anyway but there were never any definitive details other than that. Today however a representative from WhatsApp have denied the rumours.

According to Digital Trends they heard from an inside source who said that for four or five weeks Google have been in the negotiation phase. The source also stated that WhatsApp have been “playing hardball” trying to strike a deal at a higher price which was apparently close to $1 billion.

The rumour of the acquisition has since been quashed by a WhatsApp representative, Neeraj Arora who spoke to All Things Digial said that they aren’t holding sales talks with Google. And that’s pretty much all he had to say on the matter. Neither WhatsApp or Google have issued any other statement on the apparent acquisition so we’re unsure if it’s just another rumour or WhatsApp throwing a blanket over the fire until something is set in stone.

It seems that WhatsApp are at the forefront of acquisition rumours with Facebook apparently taking a stab at acquiring the app some time last year, but again, that rumour was ousted as quickly as it appeared.

No to jump to too many conclusions here, but let’s for the sake of arguement say WhatsApp are in negotiations and are in fact playing hard ball, it would seem likely that perhaps Facebook didn’t offer the amount they were looking for, and moved on to Google who could perhaps be the winning bidder. But who knows?

[Source: Digital Trends, All Things Digital]

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