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Windows 8It’s a continued series of leaks for Windows 8.1 as build 9374 hits file sharing sites. Though it doesn’t have major changes, a new featured titled ‘Kiosk Mode’ has been found.

Found within the settings menu, Kiosk Mode seems to be way to ‘lock down’ a device to a single Windows 8 style application. This includes selecting launch apps and locking down apps for other users. Not really sure where this would fit into the home use, word is that it’s a feature being put in place for Businesses.

Many other small changes have been found including a slider to help you snap apps in any way you like from normal, to 50/50 to anywhere in between.

Still, this doesn’t make me want to rush out and buy a new Windows machine. We will just have to wait for any official word on major changes. More on Windows 8.1 as details surface.

Source: The Verge

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