Wunderlist 2

German developer 6Wunderkinder have today announced that “soon, very soon” they will be releasing a new, premium version of Wunderlist. The goal of Wunderlist Pro is to guaranteed that team work, small or large, will be simple and more productive.

Wunderlist 2Along with the announcement, 6Wunderkinder released a small teaser trailer showing some of the development process of the product. Set for a release on Mac, iPhone, iPad and the web with Android and Windows versions to follow shortly after. Details on prices have already been released as Wunderlist Pro will require a monthly or yearly subscription, $4.99 a month or $44.99 a year. The good news however is that the Wunderlist that we already know and love, will remain free and continue to get support updates.

Wunderlist Pro will be released soon and more details on the date and the product will be public soon. Make sure to check back and we’ll keep you updated as further details surface!

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