SimCity to Get Amusement Park DLC This Month

simcity-7Earlier last week UK game retailer Green Man Gaming let slip that EA’s latest instalment in the SimCity series will be getting an Amusement Park themed DLC. The listing has since been removed but EA all but confirmed it was real with a cryptic tweet from the SimCity twitter account.

“Some of you may have seen thrilling new SimCity content that arrived too early at the gate. It’s coming May 28. We think you’ll be amused.” read the tweet that SimCity posted  last Thursday after Green Man Gaming posted the listing for the DLC a little too early.

The Amusement Park Pack will give players the chance to “build the amusement park of your dreams, right in the middle of your city” read the description. The pack will include “classic rides, vehicle rides and thrill rides allow you to make just the theme park you want.” As you’d expect with DLC you’ll need a copy of SimCity in order to get this pack.

simcity-4The listing also stated that the pack would include three large, impressive themed amusement park entrances, customizable paths, a mini-train station, different types of rides and different styles of ticket gate. For those interested in how it’ll affect surrounding businesses “the large influx of shoppers that amusement parks bring benefit local commercial businesses. Happy tourists will even stay in local hotels to shop or visit the amusement park another day.”

It’ll be interesting to see how in depth the Amusement Park Pack will let players go. We’re all crossing our fingers for a Roller Coaster Tycoon style experience where players can maintain the amusement park rides and attractions and not just a “place and look pretty” item pack.

The Amusement Park Pack is scheduled for release on May 28th, a price is yet to be confirmed.