Infinite Crisis

infinite crisisDC and Warner Bro’s are releasing a downloadable Multiplayer Online Battle Area (MOBA) which gives you the chance to universe jump and see popular characters in a whole new light. The game will see characters like Batman being re-imagined in different scenarios through a series of alternate universes.

Infinite Crisis is currently in closed beta but we’re looking at an Autumn release for PC.

Rumoured universes include a mecha universe and one enticed with superheroes like Batman as vampires.

To keep us going until the leafs go brown we have a breakdown of the characters that have been announced:

Wonder Women: Little detail have been given to the exact details of the alternate universe incarnations of Wonder Women but the teaser image has suggested one which takes heavy inspiration from Evil Dead and Lollipop Chainshaw, a mecha like design and your standard incarnation.

Earth Prime Incarnations: Earth Prime is the regular DC universe we all the characters all you know and love.

Poison Ivy: Batman rogue Ivy appears as a playable character. Her character about supporting her team mates, she can heal and create shields.

Joker: To sum up his role, it’s just Joker being Joker. He goes around blowing things and just being crazy. Expect a lot of explosive abilities from him.

Doomsday: The villain which killed Superman. Doomsdays technique is all about up close attacks.

The Flash: Barry Allen is holding up the hero side of the universe. Expect high speed combat abilities like those from Injustice. His powers will include the ability to create whirlwinds in order to defeat your opponent.

Gaslight universe: The Gaslight universe will have a steam punk setting taking place during the 1800s during the Victorian era. This era will focus mostly on re-imagining Batman characters.

Gaslight Batman: Instead of Batarangs this Batman relies on sonic pistols. These weapons appear to emit a sonic non lethal blast. It does appear he’ll retain some of his stealthy elements to take down his enemies.

Gaslight Catwoman: In terms of motivation it seems Catwoman has a lot more in common with her cinematic counterpart in terms of being interested in social justice. Her main skill seems to be taking on low health characters and finishing them off.

Check out the gallery below to see what exactly Gaslight Batman looks like.


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