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Roy HarperIt’s time to drop the illusion that Robin is the only sidekick. There certainly are others and today I will tell you about the most scandalous one.

Roy Harper has taken on three different superhero identities during his publication. Speedy, Arsenal and Red Arrow. Roy was the son of a forest ranger that was killed protecting a group of Native American representatives.

Harper was then raised by a Native American tribe until one day Green Arrow visited their reservation and noticed Roy’s ‘speedy’ archery skills and took his in as his ward.

Harper would later become the sidekick of Green Arrow and take the identity of Speedy.

Roy became a member of the Teen Titans and was shaping up to be a great hero until he fell into the wrong crowd. Whilst playing in a band called Great Frog coupled with Green Arrow spending more time with his fellow hero Green Lantern, Harper ended up alone.

Eventually Arrow caught his sidekick doing heroin. After an argument he disowned Roy, along with the help of Green Lantern and Black Canary (Green Arrow’s girlfriend) he eventually quit cold turkey.

After going solo and variousreformations of the Teen Titans, Roy decided it was time for a change.

Roy began to work for various government agencies and soon became a secret agent. He discovered the use of fire arms which eventuallylead to him becoming Arsenal and still work alongside the Titans.

This eventually lead to the next scandal in which Harper has an affair with super villain Cheshire who then become pregnant with his child who was named Lian.

Years later when Roy had grown into the hero many had seen him to be he was offered a place on the Justice League and was given a costume by his former mentor Green Arrow and became Red Arrow.

Roy’s daughter Lian was killed in a nuclear explosion along with thousands of others whilst Roy lost his arm fighting the super villain Prometheus.

Roy fell back into drug addiction and became Arsenal again and joined villains Deathstroke’s evil incarnation of his former team ‘Titans’ in a quest to bring Lian back to life.

Currently in the New 52 it seems Lian never existed, Harper still has his arm and goes by the name Arsenal.

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