Superior Spider-man
It's a crawling pace
It's a crawling pace
It’s a crawling pace

I think the rules of ‘spoilers’ don’t apply now, so this week we’re going to do something a little different. I’m going to try explain a plot twist which many comic outsiders will probably go “huh?” at.

That’s right I’m going to explain the Superior Spider-man controversy.

So let’s start at the conceivable beginning of this story.

Roughly around 2009 one the many arch enemies of Spider-man, Otto Octavius is diagnosed with cancer. This is down to the serious amount of beatings he’s taken over the past few years.

Otto is only given a short time to live. Deciding to go out with a bang Ock prolongs his life be encasing himself in a exo suit consisting of a dome to house his body, and mechanical arms.

The good old doc decides to change his ambitions to improve the world, whether people want it our not.

Starting out on a small scale Ock creates small little robots resembling little mammal octopuses to help him to take control of New York and ‘improve’ its running. Despite his best intentions this is seen as taking the free will of New Yorkers. He is of course foiled by Spider-man along with the help of the Human Torch, Johnny Storm.

Of course the good Doctor is not deterred from his quest. His next scheme sees him rallying his super villain team The Sinister Six for a scheme on a bigger scale.

One interesting thing I’ve found out about Ock is his big schemes tends to involves the Earths atmosphere.

This time he sets up a series of satellites on the Earths atmosphere to help negate global warming, the catch is Ock wants to take over the Earth and receive pardons for his team for previous crimes.

Peter later defeats him, but this winning streak wouldn’t last.

Later Otto develops mind swapping technology as his final hours approaches. He successfully swaps bodies with Peter Parker leaving Peter in his soon to be deceased body. Otto goes in a rampage with Peter trying to stop him, costing his life and his body.

This results in Peter dying in Ocks body leaving Otto in his. Now here comes the twist, Otto has access to all of Peters memories and realises he could do so much more as Spider-man.

In short he decides to become a better person, a better Peter Parker and a Superior Spider-man.

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