venomThe black suit could be considered to one of Spider-man’s most poisonous foes. Though do you know the story behind the black suit ?

A long time ago Spider-man and a collection of superheroes and villains were whisked away to an alien planet called Battleworld by a demi god called The Beyonder. During the various conflicts the heroes and villains encountered, Spider-man’s red and blue costume was badly damaged. Fortunately a strange black substance provided him another one. The design was based on that Julia Carpenter previously known as Spider-woman but now goes by Madame Web.

When Peter returned he found the suit could change it’s shape and colour to mimic street clothes. It also provided it’s own webbing. Eventually Peter began to wake mysteriously on patrol and felt weirdly tired. Peter checks in Mr Fantastic who explained the costume was a symbiote and was eventually going to bond permanently with Peter and take over for good.

To remove the costume Peter found that the suit was vulnerable to high pitched noises and removed the suit thanks to some church bells. The suit is removed and leaves Peter. The suit drips down to the church below were disgraced journalist Eddie Brock is below praying the two merge on their mutual hatred of Spider-man and Eddie becomes Venom.

Over the years Peter found Venom was immune to his spider-sense and through the suit and Eddies bond meant he learnt his secret identity.

Later on Eddie developed cancer and the suit left him and eventually bonded with The Scorpion aka Mac Gargan. Gargan eventually joined with Spider-man’s arch rival Norman Osborn after he took over SHIELD and renamed it HAMMER. He joined the Dark Avengers, a team of villains posing as heroes. Mac posed as Spider-man thanks to medication provided by Osborn. The medication however altered his persona and he became wimpy and cowardly. Eventually when Osborn was overthrown the suit was removed from Gargan and was re-purposed.

The army took the suit and created a new super soilder. The suit was give amptuee Flash Thompson, an on and off rival of Peter Parker. He is currently the new Venom and trying to work on the side of good.

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