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According to sources speaking to the Wall Street Journal, Amazon’s upcoming smart phone is going to come with glasses-free 3D functionality.

Amazon smartphone backThe online retailer which already sells its own range of tablet, the Fire, as well as the ubiquitous Amazon Kindle e-reader, is reportedly about to take the next logical step and branch out into the world of smart phones. Using retina-tracking technology, images on the smart phone will appear to float, hologram like, above the screen, appearing three dimensional from every angle. Other sources, also reporting to the Journal, claim that users may also be able to control the device using only their eyes.

If anybody could find this reporter a way into Amazon’s lab 126 in California, I’d be greatly indebted to them – within its walls, Amazon are reportedly working on a whole range of hardware, including the smartphone, a set-top box for movies and television and an audio streaming device which will all hopefully see the light of day in the near future. In a market dominated by Apple’s iPod for so long, the audio streaming device, which would rely on Amazon’s own music library,  has the potential to shake up the current order of things and may give the boys at Apple a wake up call.

We’ve contacted Amazon for more information and will update you as they get back to us.

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I love the idea of a 3D screen, but beyond the novelty, will there be any additional functionality enabled by the 3D capability?