nexus 4 -2

nexus 4 -2With the start of Google I/O only around 30 minutes away Android 4.3 has been sort of confirmed thanks to a search listing for Android 4.3 that has appeared on Google’s Developer website.

News comes in from The Verge that first spotted the listing that’s now been removed, proof of it’s existence did remain for a short while on a cached version of this page but has since been flushed.

No details have yet been confirmed other than what The Verge expects the update will support; “the update is expected to support Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) and the OpenGL for Embedded Systems 3.0 graphics specification”

Keep a close eye on n3rdabl3 this evening as we’ve got several of our news hawks keeping tabs on live streams of Google I/O.

[Source: The Verge]

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