I grew up in an era where box TV’s and having four channels was the norm and having cable TV was for the posh folk – although I did have a friend who’s dad worked for NTL (now Virgin Media) and he wired up every room in their house with cable without the company knowing, shhh it was the 90’s!

Fast forward 15 years and TV’s have developed a huge amount, bigger,thinner, HD, 3D and now Smart. I have to admit TV type things are where my tech knowledge lacks and I’ve only just gotten to grips with our TiVo box.

A smart TV is a little like your Smart phone except on a larger scale, and well it’s a TV, the basis of a smart TV is it’s integration with the internet.

The device focuses more on interactive and online media and on demand streaming than traditional broadcasting, it’s able to bring together all of the ways you like to take in video content and put it in one place alongside every day channels.


If you find that the amount of TV remotes you need ever growing  or you’re getting increasingly bored of digging around the back of the sofa trying to find the remote some models have voice and gesture capabilities allowing you to control the TV from the comfort of your sofa, pretty nifty huh?

With a  smart TV you will have the ability to browse the web (does anyone miss Ceefax?), connect to your social network platforms, install apps and access your own media like your pictures and movies. It’s your computer, it’s your TV, it really brings together every bit of technology you have in the house.

Smart TV’s are just that – smart, but you don’t have to be a tech wizz to own one. If you have an internet connection you’re already fully equipped to make the leap into the world of the smart TV, you can either make use of absolutely every function it offers or you can simply float between your favourite TV show and YouTube. Different models will offer different functions so it’s a good idea to have a look around and find one that suits your capabilities and needs.

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