Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag

NOTICE – It has come to light that these are in fact not leaked images and are exclusives to certain Special Editions of Assassin’s Creed IV Black Flag. Although one of these images is from the Multiplayer part of the game it’s only exclusivity is that it is available from a special edition. I am currently in the process of handing in my XBOX controller for 1 month for reprimands of my mistakes. Sorry and I hope you can all forgive me for my foolishness.


Black Flag Charagter 01When Assassin’s Creed IV Black Flag releases later this year it will mark the forth game in the franchise to have online multiplayer. And with multiplayer comes new characters, so nowadays it’s not just the reveal of the Assassin we can get excited about. We now find ourselves getting excited over Templars, I know, who would of thought. Multiplayer in Assassin’s Creed is all about Abstergo and the Templars, using the animus subjects enter the ancestors memory to help Abstergo get what they want.

Last year in Assassin’s Creed III Ubisoft cleverly introduced Abstergo Entertainment, people could no use History as their playground. It was all very well put together by Ubisoft and even went as far as to make almost cheesy adverts for the animus and Abstergo Entertainment. Now with Black Flag we can expect to see a new ‘playground’ and with that will come new players. Although the characters are no different skill wise to one and other everyone has their favourite. It may be the weapon that they use, the way the look or even just the way they dispatch of other players.

Black Flag Charagter 02In certain AC games the more popular characters have made a reappearance, The Jester, Doctor and Courtesan all made the trip to Constantinople with Ezio getting an updated look so that they fit in. The Doctor and Jester both had cameo appearances in AC3 becoming tokens dolls that your multiplayer character could carry around.

Now to the images in question. I would firstly like to make a note of the fact that I do not know if these are future multiplayer characters and that it is an educated guess. I would like to think I know my stuff when it comes to anything Assassin’s Creed, so mush so I could tell if a picture of two men from a game were to be used in Multiplayer or Single Player. As you can see from the two pictures, we have two rather stern looking men. Both look very different, but the same as well.

For me just going off what previous character artwork has looked like for the multiplayer side of things these two pictures just say ‘multiplayer’ or even ‘Templar’. Also I would like to make a note of the choice of double weaponry, as we’ve seen in trailers for ACIV, our new protagonist Edward Kenway sports two swords at certain points and carries four flintlock pistol. It has also been said that the game will feature a lot of double handed combat, as first demonstrated by Ratonhnhaké:ton with his tomahawk and hidden blade combo.

We will have to wait for confirmation on who these mysterious men are, and what role they will play in Assassin’s Creed IV Black Flag, but make sure you check back here for more as and when it develops! What are your thoughts and speculations on these two pictures? Let me know who you think they are and what role they’ll play in the comments below!

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robert de sable
robert de sable

This are not leaks. one of those images is Edward Kenway with an outfit. an the other is a Multiplayer Character called “Treasure Hunter”. both images published with the special edition of AC4BF. Check your information.

Will Holland
Will Holland

So, what about the Black Island Pack? Is the Captain Morgan Costume a Multiplayer outfit or a Single Player outfit?