Avatars on the Edge

Avatars on the Edge

The Xbox Live Indie Game channel is a mixed bag of great games with an equal mix of ghastly games but for around 100 Microsoft Points who’s complaining? I’m not! Avatars on the Edge is a brand new addition to the Xbox Live Indie Games channel where your challenge is to race and jump from rooftop to rooftop in order to become the winner.

What looks like an early version of Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater mixed with the Death Race game mode in Skate, with a nice dose of the landscape in Mirrors Edge, Avatars on the Edge is set to bring a fast paced fun little game where you take your Avatar on a thrill of a lifetime. With various time trials and challenges presented to you as well as an online multiplayer Avatars on the Edge looks to be a really great addition to the Indie Game channel.

You can download Avatars on the Edge now in the Xbox Live Indie Games channel for 80 MS Points.

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