The photo’s leaked by GSM Arena show a brand new physical keyed and rugged looking version of the Samsung Galaxy S4 dubbed ‘The Galaxy S4 Active’. This phone is rumoured to be a more water resistant and dust proof variant of the supremely popular handset.

Leaked by GSM Arena yesterday these new Samsung Galaxy S4 images appear to have a more rugged outer shell complete with bad ass looking bolts. We’re unsure if they’re purely cosmetic or are keeping the back cover on. It’s been said that the S4 Active is a more water resistant and dust proof handset perfect for those who are.. well.. active.

In terms of specs they remain similar to the original S4; a quad-core 1.9GHz processor, most likely a Snapdragon 600. Apparently the screen is the same size but there’s some debate as the reported pixel density is 480ppi which would lead us to believe the screen is in fact smaller. There’s also a downgrade in the Active’s camera which is 8 megapixel rather than the 13 megapixel sensor that the original S4 comes with.

The photo’s themselves look pretty legitimate but only time will tell if they’re real or just a proof of concept.

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