We finally have a true sequel to Bioshock, the 2007 “Game of the Year”. Sorry this review is late I’ve been really busy playing the game, so enjoy.

This game is a such a breath of fresh air in the first person shooter genre. Do you know why? It’s because it’s not a military shooter, don’t get me wrong I like a good game of Battlefield or Call of Duty as much the next person, but it does get a bit stale after a while.

The basic Story (which I can confirm will be spoiler free) is that you play as a character called Booker DeWitt. All you know at the start of game is that you have been tasked to find a girl and then you can wipe a debt which you owe. Unlike some First Person Shooters it doesn’t throw you straight into combat like COD of BF. This reminds me a little of Half Life because you can have a look around at the environment first. It also has lots of interesting people to speak to, You’ll also want to look around because this game is so detailed, it took me about an hour before I got into combat because I was just so fascinated by the environment and it’s people.

The first thing that you’ll notice about this game are the visuals. They are beautiful and vibrant compared to the deep dark depths of Rapture. Compared to the first game it’s not a city gone to hell when you arrive, it’s full of people that want to talk to you, it is a civilised community at the start of the game. The joy of this game are the quiet moments, when all you want to do is to look around and take a look at the fantastic detail that is put into this world, it even looks good on the Xbox 360 which I would mention that this game is pushing the console to it’s limits.

Bioshock gameplaySo how does the game play? It is more or less the same as Bioshock 2’s combat in the sense that you can use a gun and a vigor (plasmid) and it’s really cool to use different combinations and see how they effect the enemies. The only problem with the vigors is their existence because in the first Bioshock you actually needed them to progress in the game, but in this game they’re just there for you to use.

Don’t hate me for this I still use them a lot because they are fun to use especially the possession when you upgrade it which allows you can take control of the enemies. Once they are all dead the person you have taken control of will kill himself.

The enemies aren’t the spliced up maniacs like the first game, they are just normal people being ordered to kill you and not for their own genetic gain. Instead of Big Daddies, in this game you have the handy men, which are old men preserved in a mechanical suit – their week point is their heart which is in a glass casing. There also mechanical enemies called The Patriots and they are just models of the found fathers that wield crank guns. These enemies pack a punch when you play this game on hard it makes think before you attack.


The AI character Elizabeth is also breath of fresh air for AI partners, compared to lets say Resident Evil. She never gets in your way and although the premise seems to be an escort story of getting her out of Columbia, it doesn’t feel like a escort quest. She will always help you out in the game especially in the heat of battle because she will throw you ammo, health and salts when you are running low and she will give you money that she finds around the environments. She also has the ability to make tears in the world so you can order her to spawn cover or you can make her spawn a gun turret.

This game overall is a fantastic game and it’s good that the creative minds at irrational games to come with this new and vibrant world. There is a season pass for this game and we’ll have to wait and see what happens next in the world of Columbia. If you haven’t played this game already I would suggest buying it and hiding your self away for a week. My only gripe with this game is that it’s slightly too easy on normal in my opinion I would start it on hard it will encourage you to upgrade all your skills. Besides that this game is a must buy, and you can get an Xbox 360 copy of your own here as well as many other title.

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Bioshock is a insalt to gorge Washington it’s not right for a founding fother to kill humans plus in not cool to Make him a robot.


It’s not right to have gorge Washington to kill people and to make him a robot