Black Ops II

Call of Duty Black Ops 2, a rather popular game to say the least is going for free on Steam this weekend. It’s not the whole game though so don’t get too excited, the multiplayer part of the hit game is going to be free this weekend as well as this the rest of the game will be going on sale with a saving of 33%. Not bad!

To celebrate this, new players who need a bit of a head start on the multiplayer will get one of thier very popular Double XP Weekends to see you leveling up in no time! Everyone else need not worry either because the Double XP is coming your way too! That’s right as well as it being on Steam the XP will flow on consoles too, meaning nobody misses out on the points.

Call of Duty Black Ops IIA tweet from Treyarch yesterday (9th) confirmed the double dosage of XP this weekend  and it will kick off from 10am PDT today and run through till Monday 10am PDT. Which for us in the UK timezone means Friday 6:00pm till Monday 6:00pm. So if you hurry home from work you should be able to get as much out of it as possible, if you’re at school, I think you’ll get home in time regardless.

Double XP, what a way to start your weekend…and finish it…

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