Online movie streaming has become all the rage since the introduction of Nexflix and LoveFILM. There’s currently an abundance of services which claim to offer something that the others don’t but each one has one thing in common – the monthly subscription fee. One service I’m pretty impressed with has to be BlinkBox, an online streaming service with no subscriptions, you just buy what you want to watch, whenever you want to watch it.

Nextflix, LoveFILM, and NowTV all offer a 30 day free trial in order for you to decide whether you’d like to commit to the £4.99, £6.99, or £8.99 that each service charge per month to watch what you want when you want. It seems like a good idea, and yes we have a Nexflix subscription, but some months we find that we don’t use it and there’s £6.99 down the drain.

Why don’t I just cancel it until I want to use it? Well, I’m lazy and it takes effort. A stupid reason I know but it’s the road I’m taking!

BlinkBox offers the same service as the three I mentioned before but with a huge difference. There’s no free trial, there’s no need to enter your card details before you can see their library of Movies and TV. You just sign up and browse the site as you would with Netflix or LoveFILM. If you want to watch something, let’s say the latest Jack Reacher film, you’ll need to “rent” it for £3.49.

Now it may seem a little pricey considering that for just £1.50 more you can subscribe to LoveFILM and watch endless amounts of TV Shows and Movies as many times as you want but for those of you lazy people like me will then have to take a note of cancelling the subscription and cancel it when the time comes.

blinkboxAt first when I saw BlinkBox adverts claiming to offer to titles before Netflix and LoveFILM I thought it was a little ambitious but BlinkBox is not only convenient  it really does offer what the advert claimed! When I signed up and browsed the latest titles I was surprised to see films like Pitch Perfect, TopCat, Looper, The Perks of Being a Wallflower, Homeland Season 1 and 2, Girls Season 1 and 2, and much more, readily available for me to rent or buy. With the rentals you’re given 30 days to view the movie, and 24 hours then after to watch it again.

When buying the latest titles like Gangster Squad, and Django Unchained from BlinkBox you’re looking at paying around £10.99. What this entitles you to is the chance to own the movie forever and gives you the ability to watch it on up to 5 devices. The only real downside to this is that from what I can work out when you “Buy” a title it’ll forever remain on the BlinkBox website so if BlinkBox decided to call it a day, all of those movies you purchased would probably disappear with it.

BlinkBox also has some of the best TV Series available to buy, you can purchase individual episodes for around £1.89 or complete series for around£17.99. As of now there aren’t any TV Series that you can rent.

BlinkBox also have certain offers in place to get some great movies at half the price, or rentals from 99p and because it’s owned by the UK supermarket chain Tesco, each purchase goes towards Clubcard Points for future purchases in store!

Overall BlinkBox seems like a great place to visit every so often to watch the latest movies at a relatively affordable price. Personally I wouldn’t use it to replace my current subscription to Netflix as I like the freedom to watch what I want, when I want and okay, I don’t get a choice of the latest blockbuster films, but I enjoy watching odd documentaries and series like Arrested Development and Californication.

I would however introduce BlinkBox into my browsing routine, I would happily check BlinkBox every time we go to browse Netflix to see what’s on offer and if something catches my eye we’ll rent it. TV Shows however I wouldn’t buy as they aren’t really the sort of thing I tend to re-watch but that’s my personal opinion!

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