CoJ-corpse-610x343Call of Juarez is one of the best western games that I’ve played (if you forgive the cartel). It had western tongue in cheek between the characters and looks like that personality has returned to this latest instalment. The series is no longer following the McCall family as it has been for the past three games. It follows the story of a notorious bounty hunter known as Silas Greaves and he hunts all the famous outlaws in the history of the wild west such as Billy the Kid, Jesse James etc.

The way they are going to play out this game is in each chapter Silas will be telling the story through his narration so kind of like Max Payne, but sometimes he will forget what happens in the story and he will sometimes exaggerate the events or someone else will argue with him in the saloon that he is telling a lie or what have you.

By the look of the gameplay it looks like they have returned to the hectic over the top western gun play which is fantastic, that’s what I love about Bound in Blood was kicking down a saloon door and gunning down hoards of bandits and seeing the blood fly everywhere in slow motion. Compared to other Call of Juarez games they have taken a different approach with the visual art style because instead of using a realistic visuals from the others, they are using cell shaded style because they want it to look like a comic book. Before you say it, that won’t down grade visuals by any means because from what I’ve seen it looks beautiful with the environments and characters.

In the latest trailer (above) has an awesome and catchy folk song that’s been written for the game and now it’s stuck in my head. That’s good song writing if you can do that, I hope there is more music like that to come.

Call of Juarez: Gunslinger releases on May 22nd on Xbox Live Arcade, PSN, Steam and PC, players also get a chance of having a physical copy of the game. I’m glad to see the series return to it’s roots and I’m looking forward to being a badass bounty hunter. What do you think? Are you glad that Call of Juarez has returned? or are bored series let me know in the comments below.

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