CardboardCastleAMA announced today its first PlayStation Mobile release, Cardboard Castle. Developed by Mando Productions this game see’s a fearless knight travelling his realm in search of frightened orphans, damsels in distress and the occasional princess to save.

Following the games success on Android and iPhone you can now re-discover this cardboard cut-out themed game on both PlayStation Vita and Sony mobiles – an exciting step towards what could be a brilliant new mobile platform.

In Cardboard Castle players play as a little cardboard knight who does what any knight does by saving princesses, innocent towns folk, and rescuing damsels in distress. The knight won’t have an easy time ahead of him though with various obstacles and dangers in his path like hideous monsters, hellfire, and dark bottomless pits. To help the knight overcome the evil monsters and various obstacles he has various tools at his disposal such as scissors which can be used to cut down walls or strike enemies.

In this PlayStation Mobile version, you’ll enjoy two exclusive stories through 10 new levels in which a peasant will try to conquer the Princess heart despite the King’s and our Knight’s will.

Only your brain can prevent this knight from ending up as papier-mâché.

“Having our first game on the PlayStation Mobile is very exciting and we will offer more entertaining content for PSM users like Hills of Glory: WWII next month and other titles by the end of the year.”says Jean-François Denis, AMA Vice President.

It is great to see our Cardboard Knight hero now living his adventures on the PlayStation Mobile. Such a greater number of new users means more princesses for him to save!” notes Michel Bams, Mando Productions co-founder.

You can grab yourself Cardboard Castle on PlayStation Mobile now for under $5

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