CarmageddonEver since I heard that the original Carmageddon was coming to smartphones and tablet’s I couldn’t contain my excitement, but of course thanks to being an Android guy I expected the Android version to be delayed somewhat. Well after around seven months of patiently waiting I can now rejoice that Carmageddon is coming to Android and it’s free for one day only!

Carmageddon is an insane racing game which doesn’t really involve a lot of racing, you can crash, smash and even run over innocent pedestrians for points. Upon their initial Kickstarter to fund a new version of Carmageddon with updated graphics Stainless Games also announced a re-boot/port of the original PC title for iOS and Android. iOS got it, and it looked fantastic, and now Android do to, well, on May 10th anyway. What’s even better, for one day only it’ll be free!

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