contactiveI’m sure you can probably recall the countless time’s you’ve been called by a number you didn’t recognise and just left to ring out assuming it’s an unwanted caller or call center trying to sell you double glazing or a new phone contract, only to realise that it’s the restaurant you plan to visit calling to confirm your reservation. Annoying right? Well Contactive helps with that problem by identifying who that number belongs to!


Contactive is the bran child of Iñaki Berenguer the co-founder of the intelligent photo aggregator app Pixable. What Contactive aims to do is solve the mystery of the unknown number by quickly searching the web whenever you receive a call to check if the number is tied to any social networking accounts. The app then displays the companies last tweet, photo, email address (if they have one available) and anything they have on LinkedIn.

Contactive utilises the customisability that comes with having an Android device by replacing your standard dialler and address book to display all of the information your contacts have whenever you make or receive a call. The app itself isn’t at all intrusive and it actually has a really nice user interface. All of your contacts numbers are available at a glance and if you dive deeper you can see their latest tweet, email address, phone number, and LinkedIn profile information. There’s also handy little tabs that show you who in your contact’s is soon to celebrate their birthday as well as organising certain contacts into groups depending on their Facebook settings.

press-screenshot-4As soon as I heard about this app I rushed to theGoogle Play store to install it, set it up by syncing all of my social networks with the app, and let it be. All I need to do now is wait for a call.. Okay, maybe not, I’ll be waiting forever. Contactive also works when making calls, it recognises the number and trawls the web for the information tied to the phone number.

The only real downside I’ve found with this app is that once a social network account is tied to a number in your address book, it cannot be changed if it’s an incorrect match or at least I haven’t found a way to untie a Twitter account from a contact.

If you want to give Contactive a go you can download it for free from the Play Store here.

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