frostbiteThere’s news today for the ever growing Frostbite engine. A new website has been published by EA for the Frostbite engine and the text on said website talks about a project dubbed Frostbite Go.

“Frostbite Go, a mobile division empowering EA game developers with Frostbite’s proven excellent workflows and features to bring true Frostbite experience to all major mobile platforms.”

EA have been talking about how Frostbite 3, the engine which will power Battlefield 4, will be one of the most powerful yet. Though take note that they recently made the claim that it won’t work on the Wii U console. That said, this move to mobile does come as a bit of a surprise. EA have some good titles on the mobile market as it stands so this news, be it a surprise, is a good move.

With Frostbite 3 hitting the market later this year with the release of Battlefield 4 we can but only guess that Frostbite Go games will follow shortly after.

[Source: EA]

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