Earth Defence Force

earth defense forceD3 Publisher and Sandlot have revealed that they’ll be giving the Xbox 360 and PlayStation version of 2025 a much needed upgrade in which they’ll be including an online co-operative mode for up to four players when the game is released in Japan on July 4th.

Japanese gaming site Famitsu gave a few more details on how the online co-operative mode will work and it’s similar to hosting a private game on Call of Duty for example with one player acting as the host with the remaining three players joining the lobby. Online mission mode does have it’s restrictions however with what kind of weapons you can use and it also has limitations on armour. These limitations can be removed during player progression.

The online co-operative mode, similar to other online co-operative games has the ability to aid downed team mates by replenishing their armour using a combination of buttons. Where Earth Defense Force 2025 differs is that the players life remains the same and if this drops below 25% the option to replenish armour is removed.

Earth Defense Force 2025 is scheduled for release in Japan on July 4th. D3 Publisher has announced a Western release but no date has yet been set.

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