Else Splay

splayIf the name seems familiar to you it’s probably because in 2009 Amir Kupervas CEO of Else said he was going to launch a phone that would fix existing problems in the smart phone market. If the name doesn’t ring  a bell it’s probably because the Linux based phone never actually launched.

Now you can get a taste of what could have been with the Else Splay launcher for Android,  interaction is designed to be used with one thumb, your options appear on a splayed menu navigating you further in to more menu options until you get  to where you want to be on the device.

The launcher is currently in beta which explains why some features are lacking,  emails will you to the email app instead of Gmail and the music player sub-menu doesn’t filter out ringtones.

Navigation is simple and thumb friendly, dragging your thumb to the left of the category you need and letting go will toggle it,  dragging to a blank area and letting go will take you back to the main menu and dragging to the right will take you back to the previous menu.

With a little more work this could be a great launcher, it’s currently available on Google Play and is free.


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