LGPHONEWith various rumours coming in about LG manufacturing the Nexus 5, @evleaks threw a mysterious LG spanner in the works by releasing an image of a buttonless phone similar to the Nexus 4 with a strange choice of branding on the front.

Much with the Galaxy S IV leaks, @evleaks are usually on the money when it comes to posting images of phones and hardware before it’s even been announced but as with every ‘leak’ and rumour it’s best to take it with a pinch of salt.

The image to the left shows off a brand new LG phone that has strayed away completely from the Korean companies usual design, there’s an obvious lack of any buttons and the speaker grille has been relocated slightly. Speculation suggests that this mystery phone could indeed be an early build of the Nexus 5, the only thing that doesn’t sit right is the fairly obvious branding at the bottom. On the other hand however this could be the heavily rumoured Optimus G2 which LG are supposedly also working on.

Whether or not it’s legitimate we’ve only got 9 days to wait until the huge Google I/O event where we’ll see if the Nexus 5 shows it’s head.

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